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Fifa World Cup 2018 Russia Travel Guide

Published on: 18 April 2018

Fifa 2018 Travel Guide

FIFA World Cup fans reside all over the world. While millions of football fans are planning to watch the FIFA World Cup tournament on their televisions or on the internet, thousands of these have also made plans to travel to Russia and watch FIFA World Cup live inside the massive Russian stadiums.

The following is the guide for those fans who are planning on traveling to Russia and watch the World Cup games live from the stadiums.

Is It Safe To Visit Russia For The World Cup?

Politically, Russia has been involved in several international controversies. It is definitely on the US’ and the UK’s bad books, and is on negative terms with dozens of other countries across the world.

Government travel advisories for England have already issued warnings to tourists regarding possible tensions and anti-Western sentiment upon arrival in Russia.

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Russian hooligans have already been involved in several controversies in the past. There were tensions during UEFA Euro 2016 in France. And in a recent friendly fixture between the Russian and French National teams in Russia, the crowd in the stadium spat out several racial abuses on the French players, and action is yet to be taken on this.

It’s recommended that you keep yourself updated with all the latest news and travel alerts while you’re journeying to and staying in Russia.

How Much Does It Cost To Watch World Cup in Russia?

Fifa World Cup 2018 Tickets

The Russian government has worked really hard on reducing the costs for tourists traveling to Russia for the World Cup. Visa is already free if you own a ticket for any World Cup fixture.

Your fan ID will be helpful for other purposes as well. For example, you can use your FIFA fan ID to travel freely on public transports on match-days in Russia.

Other than that, the cheapest ticket for the final will cost you $455, while the semi-final and quarter final tickets are available for $285 and $175 respectively.

Round-trip flights will cost around $600-$700. And if you stay in decent hotels, the total cost for the trip will not be more than $5000.

 VPN For Expats In Russia for the Fifa World Cup

Fifa World Cup streaming

Expats who travel to other countries will find it extremely useful if they get a VPN subscription. VPNs have specialized servers across the world that are built to protect users’ online activities.

Because you’re a tourist, you will need to connect to a public Wi-Fi networks at your hotel, or at coffee houses/restaurants. It’s common knowledge among online security experts that public Wi-Fis are dangerous for users’ online activities. If a hacker accesses a public Wi-Fi network, he can easily hack into any device connected to that particular network.

This may lead to theft of any personal data on your device, as well as any financial information (credit card data number, etc.) that you may have stored in your system.

Furthermore, VPNs can keep you anonymous on the web by connecting you with encrypted servers. This would keep you safe from any surveillance activities that are usually targeted at tourists by multiple governments.

The best benefit of using a Sports VPN service is that you can watch the World Cup matches in your own language rather than watching Russian or English commentary. For example, if you’re from Spain and you want to watch World Cup games with Spanish commentary, you’ll just need to connect with a Spanish server via your VPN app and access any Spanish channel online that is broadcasting the match in your desired language.

The following are the best Sports VPN services that we recommend to our readers:

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More Tips For World Cup 2018 visitors in Russia

The following are some more tips you’ll need to follow throughout your stay in Russia:

  • Make sure that your devices have the latest software and security updates installed. Make sure to turn off file sharing.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fis wherever possible. Or use a VPN service to keep yourself protected while doing so. Avoid using online banking services on public Wi-Fi without a VPN.
  • Turn Wi-Fi off on your phone when not in use. Repeat the same with the Bluetooth feature as well.
  • Use tracking apps so you can locate your device in case it gets lost or stolen. Wiping applications can also come handy in these situations. You can delete your private data from your device if in case it is unrecoverable.
  • Turn on all security features, including biometric (fingerprint) protection wherever necessary. Also use strong passwords rather than easy ones to access your device or a particular application.
  • Take a ‘burner’ phone with you if possible. If you lose it or it gets stolen, you won’t mind the loss too much and any important information will remain safe.

Best FIFA World Cup Groups On Facebook

Facebook, these days, is our go-to platform for any football related information, or connections with people with same interests. You can connect with fans traveling to Russia for the World Cup on Facebook, and can easily communicate with fans who are eagerly following this tournament.